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The “Civil Control” Association developed its own methods of monitoring the elections. It comprises the existing positive experience of the international, Russian and foreign organizations monitoring the elections, the Association's experience in general and that of its members.


In monitoring the elections the Association collects and assesses the information about the course of the election campaign and its separate phases, data about violating the legislation and the voting rights of the citizens, false alarms about the violations, uncommon solutions for emerging problems etc.


The “Civil Control” Association gets information using several main sources while monitoring the elections:


Association's regional representative offices that are to collect information from the participants of the voting process and the voting committees, observe independently the voting process and check the acquired information on the violations;


– the SMS-portal “Truth Code” and the hot telephone line for receiving complaints from the voters: the messages from these sources are processed and redirected to the CEC (the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation) and other competent authorities for taking measures, and if a voter needs the legislation interpreted, the experts of the Association provide such an explanation.


– monitoring federal and regional mass media conducted by the Association's experts and regional representative offices, the activities of the information portal “The People’s Choice”.


As the result of the monitoring, on the occasion of each joint Election Day in Russia the “Civil Control” Association publishes 2-4 intermediate reports on the course of the election campaign and a final report after its end. The final report shows the Association's conclusions on the main problems appeared in the course of the elections, assessment of the taken place elections and proposals on improving the legislation and its implementation.


The “Civil Control” Association takes an active part and organizes discussions on the most burning problems, the most significant legal acts and documents concerning the elections. Thus, the “Civil Control” Association has recently formulated proposals on improving the legislation, that were included in the list of development proposals announced in the "State of the Nation" message by the President to the Federal Assembly the Russian Federation; it has also formulated the proposals to the resolution project for the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Russia about the judicial practice in the cases with the voting rights of citizens, etc.


The “Civil Control” Association prepares experts' reports on the projects of federal laws and legal acts of the Russian CEC. Thus, the Association prepared expert conclusions on the projects of federal laws about raising the limits for election funds expense at the elections of the State Duma deputies, about the change of the procedure of deputy mandates distribution within the federal list of candidates, about the proportional system of the elections for representative bodies of metropolitan regions and urban districts, etc.


The Association works out methodological data and conducts training for observers, members of district election committees with deliberative functions, for candidates and other participants of the voting process in order they could apply their rights and powers efficiently.