Civil Control`s work

The Association for the protection of electoral rights «Civil control» is a voluntary association of noncommercial organizations which specializes in political elections. Initially our project was created for those people who are interested in public assessment of electoral processes, and for people to whom it is important to see the elections legitimacy and future development of the society.


The Association of noncommercial organizations for the protection of electoral rights «Civil control» appeared in 2007 with the help of a group of well-known public figures and leaders of human rights organizations. The main goals of the organization are education of citizens and participants of electoral process and counteraction to violations of electoral legislation during elections.


For 5 years the Association «Civil control» has become one of the most important public structures for the protection of electoral rights of voters in Russia. Among the main goals of the «Civil control» Association are developing an independent monitoring system for the election campaigns and direct surveillance of the elections according to the current legislation. Also the tasks of the Association include monitoring the mass-media, collecting complaints and appeals from citizens, assisting to the settlement of disputes, spreading information on the electoral legislation and process. Furthermore, the members of «Civil control» carry out a serious analytical work studying the everyday life of each campaign, assessing the implementation of the Russian electoral legislation and the compliance with the international standards of democratic elections.


Since its foundation the «Civil control» has taken part in several federal and regional election campaigns. The Association organized international discussion clubs, conducted seminars, specialized thematic conferences and a number of events which attracted considerable attention in the regional and federal mass-media.


Thanks to the international activities of «Civil control», the Association acquired partners and supporters among well-known European politicians, the European Parliament deputies and legislators in Western and Eastern Europe.

By 2011 the Association comprises more than 20 «third sector» organizations in Russia. The joint activities of such organizations forming the Russian human rights project is bases on the free and equal partnership principles.


We are glad to cooperate with Russian and foreign colleagues.


Our work:

Monitoring election campaigns in Russia and abroad;

Revealing hypothetical violations by political figures during elections;

Analytical and expert work for improving the electoral system;

Developing feedback with voters, political parties, specialized public institutions, state offices;

Training independent public observers;

Organizing and holding public events with the participation of leading experts.

International cooperation;





Our goal:

Fair elections subject to the civil control.

Our motto:

Activity. Impartiality. Independence.