CEC Chairman Churov did not give up the debate in the European Parliament - b
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CEC Chairman Churov did not give up the debate in the European Parliament - b
Letter of refusal from participation in the last Tuesday in Evropalamente political debates on the topic "The upcoming elections in Russia," on behalf of the CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov was sent to the Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the European Union by Alexei Polishchuk, wrote in a Wednesday newspaper "http://www . kommersant.ru /] merchant [/ url] ", referring to the text of the letter.

In the CEC argued that Churov not received an invitation.

Polishchuk letter to the head of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs Gabriele Albertini was sent "in connection with the invitation to participate in public hearings" at the request Churov. It states that the CEC can not "hold the political debate or take part in them," "especially" when it comes to debates, "organizations that Russia is not a member." As explained by the representative of the Russian Federation, the Central Election Commission "may only participate in international seminars and conferences of a professional nature."

In a letter Polishchuk said that information about the electoral system of Russia can be "found on the website of the Central Executive Committee", and recommended a number of organizations able to "present an objective picture" and share their experiences, which "may be of interest" in the European Parliament elections. Among the organizations was, for example, the committee "For Fair Elections", who heads United Russia, Nikolai Gonchar, and the association "Citizens', the magazine writes.
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