Some news in regions
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Some news in regions
After the statements on the website "civilian control" (see] here [ / url] and] here [/ url ] [/ b]) The Public Chamber of the Tambov region insists on a legal examination of the facts published in "Novaya Gazeta". Here is the OP treatment completely.

Board of Public Chamber of the Tambov region in connection with the publication of "Novaya Gazeta» (№ 62 dated June 10, 2011), the expert report "Election of Tambov Oblast Duma March 13, 2011» [/ b] [/ center]

in connection with the publication of "Novaya Gazeta" June 10, 2011 expert report "Election of Tambov Oblast Duma March 13, 2011," in which the authors suggest to identify, in their opinion, violations of election law during the voting in elections Tambov Oblast Duma deputies of the fifth convocation, the Board of the Public Chamber considers it necessary to state that this material provoked a mixed reaction of the expert community.

Thus, the official website of the NGO "Civil Control", to observe the elections in the Russian regions, the official material posted AV Ignatov, in which the expert indicates the incorrectness of the facts cited in the report, the vulnerability of the argument, as well as on legal errors in terms of qualifying cases from the practice of election commissions on voting day in the March 2011 elections in the Tambov region.

The same information resource material is available for regional analyst, "Civil Control" EA Kolesnikova, which also indicates the number of legal inconsistencies contained in the published report.

Reaffirming the need to develop technologies and procedures of public control over elections at any level in the region, the Council drew attention to the need for strict observance of legal procedures prescribed in the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Tambov region, expressed concern serious discrepancies in the assessment of the facts contained in the expert report, "Election Tambov Oblast Duma March 13, 2011, "published in" Novaya Gazeta ".

Members of the Council call on the expert community, public observers make greater use of statutory legal mechanisms to ensure rapid detection and elimination of possible irregularities in the conduct of elections, to refrain from the publication of various materials that have not undergone the necessary legal expertise. [/ I]
The statement was adopted at a meeting
Board of Public Chamber of the Tambov region
June 17, 2011 [/ right]
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